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Guests of the CERVO have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their stay with myclimate for CHF 3.00 per night and to make a contribution to local sustainability. In this way, guests achieve a double effect with their commitment. At the same time, CERVO doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability.

How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company profile

Integrated into the alpine region and in harmony with the nature of Zermatt, the actions of the operators of the CERVO are based on a strong environmental awareness. Since its foundation in 2009, ecological and social responsibility have been a central principle.

The ethical treatment of people and the environment is part of all processes at CERVO: A sustainable energy supply and the natural production of hot water and heating energy are just as much a part of this strategy as the commitment to various projects on a local and international level.

«Cause We Care» Measures

Designing outdoor areas according to permaculture principles (planned 2021)

The hotel operators would like to increase biodiversity on the grounds and use their own herbs, plants and berries in the spa and kitchen. This will stimulate all the senses of the guests.

Zermatt water

Instead of transporting bottled water to Zermatt, the CERVO has been working with WaterIsRight since winter 2020 and uses Zermatt spring water, which is purified by a filter and carbonated if necessary. 

New energy concept

Almost 95% of the CERVO's energy needs are met with geothermal energy. Natural gas is used for the remaining 5%, and a switch to biogas is planned for the next few years - and it will be expanded even further. The long-term goal is to achieve 100% CO2-neutral energy production for heating and hot water.  Heat recovery systems and solar collectors round off the new energy concept.

Membership of SlowFood Switzerland

The CERVO is a member of the Slow Food Switzerland association and plays a supporting role as a participating company.

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