Your «Cause We Care» contribution

The «Cause We Care» approach is simple: Act locally – carry global responsibility. We keep our current CO₂ emissions as low as possible and ensure that our carbon footprint is constantly shrinking. We compensate for all the currently unavoidable CO₂ emissions via high quality climate protection projects.

1 – I care

You buy/book an offer and voluntarily pay a small contribution towards climate protection and sustainability. In return, you receive a climate-neutral product.

2 – We care

When you make a contribution, the company doubles it and deposits both contributions in the company’s own «Cause We Care» fund.

3 – Cause We Care

The fund will compensate for the emissions from your purchase. Furthermore, the company invests in its own operational and local climate protection and sustainability measures.

With «Cause We Care» you are making a double contribution to climate protection – on both a local and global level.

How does climate protection work on a local and global level?

Local climate protection

Thanks to your «Cause We Care» contribution, participating companies are intensifying their efforts in the area of climate protection. This can be done, for example, by replacing old appliances with more energy efficient ones, by investing in renewable energies or by training their employees to be more climate-conscious. All measures are checked in advance by the myclimate foundation.

Global climate protection

Your contribution compensates for the CO₂ emissions of the purchased service in a myclimate climate protection project. You will receive a climate-neutral product or service while ensuring social and health-related progress in the project regions. myclimate is guided in this by the “Sustainable Development Goals” defined by the UN.

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