The New Cause We Care Platform

Since 2017, the tried and trusted myclimate Cause We Care programme has enabled tourism providers in Switzerland to advocate for sustainable tourism together with their guests.

So how does Cause We Care work? (video in german) 

Thanks to the new, user-friendly and convenient digital platform, implementing myclimate Cause We Care is now more efficient than ever. The platform gives partners in the Swiss tourism industry a comprehensive tool for planning and carrying out climate protection measures, which means they can make real reductions in CO2 emissions in their business operations.

Integrating Cause We Care is now easier than ever.

Our new digital platform supports our sustainably minded tourism partners of all sizes and in all lines of business (hotels and other overnight accommodation providers, events businesses, mountain railways, destinations, transport providers, tour operators, leisure activities) in managing their efforts at climate protection. It offers them a simple way to calculate their carbon footprint, along with a list of achievable sustainability measures, personalised communication materials and training courses on sustainability.


Explanatory video on the new myclimate platform (in german)


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What are the advantages of the new platform?

On our new digital platform, your personal login details will give you access to a dashboard tailored to your company, displaying your key data. This is where you will find everything you need to manage your sustainability measures. These are the benefits for you:

  • Easy to implement 
  • Suitable for companies of all sizes 
  • Intuitive calculation of your carbon footprint 
  • Planning tool for your business’s sustainability measures 
  • Sustainability training for your employees 
  • Tools and templates to help with sustainability communication 
  • Gets guests involved 
  • Influx of funding for carrying out sustainability measures 

Choice of packages

Cause We Care is offered in various packages, as follows:


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Only 7 steps to implementation




Over 140 businesses have already successfully implemented Cause We Care.


Overview of business members 

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The opportunity for guests to make a voluntary contribution to myclimate projects for climate protection is an important element of our sustainability strategy. Two thirds of our guests took up this offer in 2023, seemingly catching the spirit of the times.

René Dobler, CEO, Schweizerische Stiftung für Sozialtourismus (Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism)

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Climate change and environmental protection are the most important challenges of our time, and we as a hotel group are committed to dealing with them. Thanks to the myclimate Cause We Care initiative, we can now also give our guests the opportunity to make a contribution.

Dr. Götz Bechtolsheimer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and representative of the owner family of the Tschuggen Collection

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the new platform!

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