The «Cause We Care» Mechanism

Easy climate protection with double the impact! This is how «Cause We Care» works in a nutshell. Everybody is asked to do their part: You and your company, as well as your guests and customers. Because together, we can achieve great things on a global and and local level.

As a “Cause We Care” business, you give your guest or customer the option of making a voluntary contribution to climate protection. This contribution is added to your earmarked “Cause We Care” fund and your guest or customer receives aproduct or service with a contribution to climate protection. At the same time, you also double the contribution added to the fund. Credit will obviously be given for any specific measures you’ve already implemented or are planning to implement.


The fund makes global and tangible, local climate protection possible: Half of the customer contributions flow into a high-quality climate protection project from myclimate. The other half is available to you as a “grant” for your own sustainability measures.  You can now use this “grant” and your fund contribution to finance measures, for example:

  • Replace fossil energy sources with renewable energy sources
  • Realising an efficient building shell, improved infrastructure and facilities
  • Installation einer E-Car & E-Bike Ladestation
  • Schulung Ihrer Mitarbeitenden in Sachen Ressourcen- und Energieeffizienz

Or have you always wanted to show children and young people how to carefully interact with nature? Effective climate protection starts with the smallest intentions and can develop into large, pioneering projects. «Cause We Care» gives you the funding you need. It’s a win-win-win situation for you, your guests and the climate! So that future generations will also be able to enjoy Switzerland’s breathtaking nature.

Step by Step

  • Your company offers your guests and customers the chance to make a small, voluntary contribution to climate protection and sustainability when they make a booking or purchase a service / product.
  • Your guests and customers think this initiative is a nice idea. They pay extra when making a booking or purchase to make a voluntary “Cause We Care” contribution. As direct added value,your product or service with a contribution to climate protection is confirmed.
  • Your company rewards the voluntary contribution by matching the amount guests and customers pay. Measures that have already been implemented or planned are of course also taken into account. And that follows the slogan: Do good and talk about it!
  • Both contributions – the one from the company and the one paid by customers and guests – are channelled into your earmarked «Cause We Care» fund, which is linked to your company.
  • Now the fund is activated, both globally and locally: Globally speaking, half of the customer’s contribution flows into an international climate protection project selected by your company. Locally speaking, the other half of the customer’s contribution and the amount which your company matched is used for climate protection and sustainability measures directly within your operations or locally.

In sum, this means: «Cause We Care» gives your guests and customers the chance to assume responsibility for the greenhouse gases they cause. In turn, your company improves its own resource efficiency so that fewer greenhouse gases are emitted in future.

A big plus: Together, you have made it possible to achieve great things with «Cause We Care». And you have also made it possible for subsequent generations to enjoy Switzerland’s breathtaking nature in all its diversity with their children and grandchildren.  

A second plus: With «Cause We Care», you are helping nature conservation and climate protection take centre stage. The measures you have taken let you show in a pleasant way that climate protection and sustainability start right at our doorsteps and can be fun.

myclimate supervises this process and provides you with consulting on a regular basis while you are planing and implementing your measures. We also help you by providing exciting, comprehensive and motivating communication measures.

Stay informed!