«Cause We Care» destination funds

Each and every one of our member companies makes a significant contribution to climate protection and sustainability. But it is a well-known fact that more can be achieved together. The member companies at some of our tourist destinations have therefore teamed up to establish overarching «Cause We Care» destination funds.

How it works

A destination fund is set up by the «Cause We Care» businesses in a region together with the destination management organisation. It is open to all the «Cause We Care» member companies in the relevant region. As participants, they pay a portion of their «Cause We Care» revenue into this overarching fund. Here, the amount paid in is determined for each region by the members themselves or by a corresponding steering committee. The destination management organisation then works with the participating businesses to develop local sustainability measures, and implements them using the fund’s resources.

Example of a «Cause We Care» destination fund mechanism:

Together for greater sustainability

A destination fund enables a destination to implement targeted climate protection and sustainability measures that bring added value to the whole region. Specific local projects are financed, thereby promoting measures that reduce CO2 emissions while at the same time strengthening local providers and businesses, conserving local resources and offering guests and customers high-quality, sustainable experiences. The destination fund serves as a promotional tool and thus becomes a regional innovation driver, enabling a destination to promote ecological tourism even more consistently.

With your «Cause We Care» contribution, you are not only making a contribution to greater sustainability in these destinations for your specific provider, but for the destination as a whole. The following destinations are already implementing the «Cause We Care» destination fund mechanism:

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