Tourism and Climate Protection

The climate is changing

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time:

For Switzerland, this change means drier summers, more intense precipitation, more hot days and less snow in the winter. What we can already sense today will become much stronger in the future and require drastic adjustment measures.

Climate change is particularly tangible in tourism. Entire regions are changing visibly and more drastically from day to day. Unfortunately, tourism itself contributes to these changes, which augments the need to take action. Possible negative effects on the environment include loss of species diversity, damage to ecosystems, air and water pollution and noise. These kinds of external influences can harm animals and plants or impact the soil. However, the tourism industry is also a significant cause of CO₂ emissions, especially where arrivals and departures, transportation and on-​site activities are concerned.

However, tourist activities certainly have positive effects as well. For example, when they increase our awareness of nature’s incomparable value and use the funds earned in the process to preserve and protect nature.

While politics and our society search for solutions and enact long-​term measures, we are motivating each and every one of us to make our own contribution to climate protection today. Join us!


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