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This is how it works:

With a voluntary contribution of CHF 4 per overnight stay, CHF 1.50/1 (full/half day) per participant for seminars or banquets and CHF 3 on the SPA entrance fee, guests have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their offer or product with myclimate and make a contribution to local sustainability. In this way, guests achieve a double effect with their commitment. At the same time, the Dolder Hotel AG doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability.

How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company Profile

The Dolder Hotel AG is a public limited company to which the five-star Dolder Grand Hotel belongs. The Dolder Grand is situated on an elevated site above the city of Zurich in close proximity to nature.

Sustainability in a five-star hotel? That is possible. At the Dolder Hotel AG, it is an integral part of the corporate culture. Together with its partners, suppliers and guests, the Dolder Hotel AG acts in the interests of the environment, society and profitability. The focus is set on critical areas such as CO2 emissions, energy consumption, food processing, paper consumption, procurement, waste disposal, recycling, water management and corporate social responsibility.

Conversion from halogen to LED lighting

Conversion from halogen to LED lighting in 2021: Replacement of around 80 spotlights in the Main Building, which still require a third of the previous energy.

Further conversion of over 950 light sources from halogen to LED in the rooms, corridors and function rooms planned for 2022. LED light sources consume around 84% less energy than the existing halogen lamps and are also much more durable.

The CO2 emissions of Dolder Hotel AG guests are offset with the following myclimate carbon offset project:

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