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This is how it works:

With a 1% contribution to the booked offer, guests have the opportunity to invest the CO2 emissions of their surfing experience in climate protection projects with myclimate and make a contribution to local sustainability. At the same time, Urbansurf doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability. In this way, the guests achieve a double effect with their commitment.


How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company profile

Urbansurf brings the surfing feeling right into the heart of Zurich. People have been able to learn or perfect the sport of surfing (surfriding) in an urban environment at the Gerold-Areal near Hardbrücke railway station since 2018. Those who prefer to stay dry can watch the surfers from the comfort of a beach chair and enjoy freshly mixed drinks from the bar, as well as fine regional specialities from the surf kitchen. Entry is free. Surfing sessions can be booked in advance online or purchased at the Gerold-Areal.

Urbansurf Zürich’s goal is to use a great sporting attraction to inspire people in the the Gerold-Areal and the city of Zurich. A healthy selection of regional food rounds out the whole experience. Normally, every surfer travels by plane or car to destinations where the best waves break to enjoy their hobby. Urbansurf Zürich brings the waves to Switzerland, where people can easily reach them using public transportation or by bicycle. By participating in the CWC programme, it wants to raise its customers’ awareness for the living environment “water”, which is so important for surfing sports and our entire environment in general. And that is completely in line with the “surfer’s motto”: Pura vida!

«Cause We Care» Measures

100% green energy

Urbansurf Zürich joined «Cause We Care» on 1 August 2018 and is still in the process of gathering funds until it has enough for the first measures. However, it already has a lot of ideas for what it wants to do: e.g. reusable tableware for the restaurant and bar, more bicycle parking spaces, and installing solar energy systems or organic rubbish collection bins for organic rubbish. As a matter of course, Urbansurf Zürich has used only renewable energy or power generated exclusively via hydropower for its pumps right from the beginning. That has allowed it to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions considerably. Additionally, Urbansurf Zürich can offer its customers a location they can reach easily and conveniently with public transportation. What surfing location can claim it has its “own train station”?

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