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This is how it works:

The voluntary donation of a «Cause We Care» contribution at the SwissTech Hotel is possible via:

  • Booking a climate-neutral overnight stay for CHF 1.00 per night

With these amounts, climate protection contributions are made to the extent of the calculated CO2 emissions of the stay at the SwissTech Hotel. At the same time, the SwissTech Hotel doubles the contribution and invests it in its own sustainability. In this way guests can achieve a double effect.

How does «Cause We Care» work?


Company Profile

The SwissTech Hotel offers 65 rooms, just a stone's throw from the SwissTech Convention Center and in the heart of the EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), one of the most renowned technical universities in the world. EPFL has been committed to sustainable development on its campus for decades. This is demonstrated by the use of water from Lake Geneva to cool and heat its hotel building, the installation of photovoltaic panels on its roofs and the use of an ecological green space in its inner courtyard. The SwissTech Hotel team is constantly striving to improve its energy consumption systems and raise the awareness of its guests. Partners and suppliers are selected based on their values and commitment to sustainability. SwissTech Hotel's main goal is to further simplify its processes in order to offer its guests a climate-neutral and transparent stay.


«Cause We Care» measures

LED ceiling lighting (planned for 2021)

The replacement of incandescent ceiling lights with LED ceiling lights in all public areas and on all terraces is planned.


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