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This is how it works:

Guests of Reka holiday villages have the opportunity to invest the CO2 emissions of their stay in climate protection projects with myclimate for 1% of the gross rent and make a contribution to local sustainability. In this way, the guests achieve a double effect with their commitment. At the same time, the Reka holiday villages double these contributions and invest in their own sustainability.


How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company profile

The Swiss holiday fund Reka is a modern non-profit organisation, and it is one of the most important tourist companies in Switzerland. With its business areas dedicated to holidays and money, it runs a unique enterprise that enjoys a high level of credibility in the economic and tourist sector. The leisure-time monetary system with well-known “Reka cheques” has grown continually for years. With 1,200 holiday homes, including its family holiday villages, Reka is the second-largest provider on the Swiss holiday home market. In economic terms, Reka develops and grows organically and acts in a financially responsible manner. Instead of distributing dividends, Reka invests them in its corporate purpose revolving around social tourism. Reka handles ecological resources responsibly by promoting mild forms of leisure and tourist activity, by continually optimising its own holiday facilities in terms of environmental goals and by consistently implementing new projects in line with the best ecological state of technology.

«Cause We Care» Measures

Renewing window façades at Reka’s holiday village in Sörenberg

As a first measure, the window fronts in the Reka holiday village of Sörenberg were replaced in 3 stages in autumn 2017, 2018 and 2019. The new windows have insulated glazing in accordance with current standards. In addition to increased comfort and safety, heat loss will be significantly reduced, thus making a concrete contribution to an ecologically sustainable holiday village.

Renovations at Reka holiday village Montfaucon

As a second measure in 2019, the windows of the bungalows in the Reka holiday village of Montfaucon that had not yet been renovated were replaced. On the ground floor of the community house, the window front was completely renovated and the facade of the entire building was insulated. The new windows have insulated glazing in accordance with current standards. The indoor swimming pool was also renovated: the bathroom technology (water treatment, ventilation system, water basin), the wardrobes and showers, the floor, the walls and the ceiling were redesigned. In addition to increased comfort and safety, this reduces heat loss. The intended savings in the energy sector amount to around 20%.

Renovation of the Reka holiday accommodation Chesa Engiadina Madulain

The third measure concerns the historic Chesa Engiadina building, which has been owned by the Swiss Travel Fund since 1998. The facility is connected to the district heating system of the municipality of Madulain and draws renewable energy. As part of the renovation, a new ventilation system was installed for the wellness area. In addition, the façade and windows were renovated in spring 2021.

Renovation of the Reka Holiday Colony at Magadino

We invested in the renovation of the Reka Holiday Colony at Magadino in Ticino in 2022. Within five months 15 flats were refurbished, the facades thoroughly renovated and restored. The surrounding area was naturally regenerated. Electricity production for heating and hot water is now ensured by a photovoltaic installation. 

Renovation phase at the Reka Holiday Village at Montfaucon

The Reka Holiday Village at Montfaucon in the Jura Franches Montagnes underwent a further renovation phase in 2022.  The water heating system is no longer dependent on electricity but is now linked up with the district heating supply (woodchips).

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