SOLA-Stafette of the Akademischer Sportverband Zürich (ASVZ)

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This is how it works:

When registering for the SOLA-Stafette, each team pays CHF 11.00 to invest its proportional CO2 emissions in climate protection projects with myclimate and contribute to the sustainability of the SOLA-Stafette. The akademischer Sportverband Zürich ASVZ, as organiser of the SOLA-Stafette, doubles this amount to CHF 22. In this way, each team achieves a double effect.

How does «Cause We Care» work?

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The Academic Sports Association Zurich organizes the sports program for Zurich's universities. A flagship event with cult status is the annual SOLA-Stafette. 14,000 running enthusiasts complete a total distance of around 114 km and 2,700 meters of altitude around Zurich in teams of 14.

The vision until 2030 is that the SOLA-Stafette is perceived as a great mass sports event that motivates people to be active in sports. Fun, fair play and safety are in the foreground. The SOLA-Stafette obtains services and products from local and fair sources. The SOLA-Stafette is run "zero-waste" and CO2-neutral.

The sustainability concept of the SOLA-Stafette specifies this vision in 12 guiding objectives and ensures that all three dimensions of sustainability are taken into account in the activities surrounding the SOLA-Stafette.

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