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This is how it works:

With a contribution of CHF 5 to the booked tour, clients have the opportunity to invest the CO2 emissions of their tour in climate protection projects with myclimate and make a contribution to local sustainability. At the same time, the SAC section warehouses double these contributions and invest in their own sustainability. In this way, the clients achieve a double effect with their commitment.


How does «Cause We Care» work?

The Swiss Alpine Club SAC connects people interested in the mountain world. It promotes mountain sports as an experience for a broad population and is committed to the sustainable development and preservation of the alpine landscapes; this is the basis for mountain sports.

The SAC respects the mountains as a living area, cultural sphere and economic space. The Lägern Section of the SAC is aware of the sometimes considerable impact of mountain sports on the global climate and tries to implement the necessary measures for climate-friendly mountain sports quickly and purposefully.

«Cause We Care» Measures

Alpine taxi rides

In order to promote tours carried out by public transport, Alpine taxi rides are paid from the climate fund.

New windows in the Rotondo hut

The windows in the rotondo hut have been replaced. The new windows are produced by Axmass in Wettingen. They go beyond the standard solution in terms of insulation coefficients. The surcharge compared to an average choice of windows in terms of energy efficiency is financed by the fund.

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