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This is how it works:

With a contribution of CHF 0.50 per train ticket, CHF 5.00 per annual or season ticket, CHF 1.00 per lunch menu or various gift vouchers, customers of Pizolbahnen AG have the opportunity to invest the CO₂ emissions of their experience in climate protection projects with myclimate and make a contribution to local sustainability. At the same time, Pizolbahnen doubles your contribution and invests it in their own local sustainability measures. Like this you achieve a double effect.

How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company profile

Pizolbahnen wants to offer a variety of experiences in the Alpine region in summer and winter by operating facilities for tourists at Pizol. The wonderful natural and the unique cultural landscape at Pizol are the essentials for the offer and the products. That is why nature is very important to Pizolbahnen and why the company places great value on responsible, considerate and sustainable action. Together with the partner myclimate, Pizolbahnen is advocating protective and sustainable interaction with nature and the environment within the scope of the «Cause We Care» initiative.

Measures that have already been implemented

Nature workshop

Experiment, make your own discoveries, experience the laws of nature, discover the natural world, experience the environment with all your senses, or design and work with your hands! The nature workshop awakens interest in the natural sciences, technology and creativity and imparts information on responsible interaction with nature.

Wind turbine at Pizol

The Venturicon wind turbine is now bringing fresh wind to the Pizol. The innovative, flow-optimised wind turbine enables the Pizolbahnen to take the energy turnaround into their own hands and to use clean, free and constantly renewing wind energy to their advantage.

Sustainability Gondola

In order to sensitize the guests at the Pizol to the topic of sustainability, the Pizolbahnen have given several gondolas the «Cause We Care» look. Visitors are thus made aware that the Pizolbahnen are committed to environmentally friendly tourism and that guests can make an active contribution.

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