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With a contribution of CHF 2 per person per night and 1% of the booking total for banquets, weddings and seminars, the guests of Ittingen Charterhouse are given the opportunity to invest the CO₂ emissions of their offer or product in climate protection projects with myclimate and make a contribution to local sustainability. At the same time, Ittingen Charterhouse doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability. In this way, guests achieve a double effect with their commitment.

How does «Cause We Care» work?

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Ittingen Charterhouse, situated in idyllic natural surroundings, is one of the most important cultural monuments in the Lake Constance region. Monastic values such as culture, spirituality, education, care, hospitality and self-sufficiency are combined here in a unique way. Sustainability is lived here.

In the over 900-year history of Ittingen Charterhouse, sustainable actions and investments have been made. For example, the Mühle restaurant uses its own products from the nursery, butchery, cheese dairy and viticulture wherever possible. In recent years, Ittingen Charterhouse has invested around CHF 100,000 annually in its own sustainability projects. Three examples: Renovation of historic roof surfaces, production of around 10% of electricity consumption with its own photovoltaic system, cooling of seminar rooms using spring water from its own spring, with subsequent transfer to the cattle shed.

«Cause We Care» Measures

Renovation of historic roof surfaces (implementation since 2017)

10,000 square metres of roof surface need to be renovated in the coming years. During the renovation, which has been underway since 2017, defective roof tiles will be replaced and intact ones cleaned and reused. In addition, the entire roof area will be insulated, which will lead to considerable savings - including heating costs.

Sustainability tour "Green Path"

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