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Guests of the Tschuggen Hotel Group have the opportunity to take responsibility for the COfootprint of their journey to and from the hotel. This means that climate protection projects are supported to the extent of the calculated CO2 emissions of the arrival and departure. There are four categories and corresponding price ranges for this: From Switzerland by car (CHF 5.-), from Europe by car (CHF 15.-), from Europe by plane (CHF 25.-) and from overseas by plane (CHF 145.-). At the same time, the Tschuggen Hotel Group doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability.


How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company profile

The Tschuggen Hotel Group is a family-​led hotel group – its members include the five star Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa, Carlton Hotel St. Moritz and Hotel Eden Roc Ascona, as well as the Valsana Hotel & Appartements Arosa (four stars) and the Albergo Carcani in Ascona (three stars).

Even before the cooperation with myclimate, the Tschuggen Hotel Group had made a groundbreaking contribution to the area of sustainability in Swiss tourism. To this end, the new Valsana Hotel & Appartements in Arosa were built with an ice storage tank in the cellar, allowing the complete building complex to be heated without using fossil fuels. Since 2019, the hotel group has been completely climate neutral. Numerous measures were implemented to reduce CO2 emissions. These are complemented by support for carbon offset projects in Switzerland and Rwanda, which offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions.

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