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This is how it works:

You can make a voluntary «Cause We Care» contribution to the Geneva Hostel at (contribution amount):

  • Overnight stay: CHF 0.90 per person per night
  • Seminar: 1.5%

With these amounts, climate protection contributions are made to the extent of the calculated CO2 emissions of the stay or experience the Geneva Hostel. At the same time, the Geneva Hostel doubles the contributions and invests them in its own sustainability. In this way guests can achieve a double effect.

How does «Cause We Care» work?

Company Profile

Ideally located on the lakefront, in the quiet area of Geneva's palaces and close to international organisations; a place of life and intercultural and multi-generational exchange, the mission of the Geneva Youth Hostels Association, founded in 1932, is to promote social tourism, cultural tourism and youth travel, to participate in their development, thus contributing to their education, to responsible citizenship in a humanistic spirit.

The sustainability measures implemented so far include, among others, the following: Energy savings in lighting and equipment, increased use of renewable energy, a predilection for local and seasonal food products and the application of the principles of sustainable construction and heritage enhancement in the maintenance and renovation of the buildings, in full collaboration with the City of Geneva, owner of the site. The priority objective is to reduce the F&B's share of GHG emissions by reducing food waste and favouring fresh, local and seasonal products.

«Cause We Care» measures

Showers (planned for 2022)

Replace old shower heads with energy-efficient wall-mounted showers that reduce water, CO2, and energy consumption by up to 70% without compromising comfort.

Energy audit (planned for 2022)

Conduct an energy audit for the entire facility.

Heat recovery from the laundry room (planned for 2023)

Recover heat from the laundry room to heat the common areas.

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