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With a contribution of 3.25% on the booked offer, guests of Thurgau Travel have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their river trip with myclimate and make a contribution to operational sustainability. In this way, the guests achieve a double effect with their commitment. At the same time, Thurgau Travel doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability.


How does CO₂ off­set­ting work?

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Thurgau Travel Ltd. was founded in 2001 as a family business in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau. Thanks to a high degree of personal engagement, professionalism and individual responsibility, the Swiss company quickly developed into a leading provider of river cruises across the globe.

As a company operating in the tourism sector, Thurgau Travel Ltd. are committed to climate neutral river cruises. Voluntary contributions made by customers and matched by Thurgau Travel Ltd. are invested into a designated climate protection fund. All ships are tested with regard to environmental sustainability and measures for improvement are introduced. A climate friendly technique is used for building new boats. The company undertakes socio-economic and ecological projects in Myanmar to directly offset the emissions they generate.

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