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Bei dem Kauf deines Bergbahntickets bieten dir die Bergbahnen für 0.50 Franken ein klimaneutrales Pizol-Erlebnis. Das bedeutet, dass die entstandenen Emissionen deines Erlebnisses mit myclimate kompenisert werden. Gleichzeitig verdoppeln die Bergbahnen deinen Beitrag und investieren ihn in die eigene Nachhaltigkeit. So erzielst du gleich eine doppelte Wirkung.

Wie funktioniert CO₂ Kompensation?

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Pizolbahnen wants to offer a variety of experiences in the Alpine region in summer and winter by operating facilities for tourists at Pizol. The wonderful natural and the unique cultural landscape at Pizol are the essentials for the offer and the products. That is why nature is very important to Pizolbahnen and why the company places great value on responsible, considerate and sustainable action. Together with the partner myclimate, Pizolbahnen is advocating protective and sustainable interaction with nature and the environment within the scope of the «Cause We Care» initiative.

Measures that have already been implemented

Nature workshop

Experiment, make your own discoveries, experience the laws of nature, discover the natural world, experience the environment with all your senses, or design and work with your hands! The nature workshop awakens interest in the natural sciences, technology and creativity and imparts information on responsible interaction with nature.

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