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Guests of the Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions of their stay with myclimate for an additional CHF 1 per admission or CHF 10 per annual subscription, thus making a contribution to local sustainability. In this way, the guests achieve a double effect with their commitment. At the same time, the Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina doubles these contributions and invests in its own sustainability.


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The Bogn Engiadina mineral bathhouse is located in the Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair region, which has positioned itself as Switzerland’s top year-round holiday destination on account of its natural beauty, cultural highlights and countless activities for young and old. The region’s main draw cards are its pristine wilderness and cultural sites. These treasures are beautifully maintained and developed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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