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News & stories More News Cause about the initiative We Who we are Care Join us myclimate «Cause We Care» is the initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland.…  
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Are you interested in becoming a «Cause We Care» partner? Contact us!  
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Implementation partners Each of our «Cause We Care» partners is actively committed to effective climate protection. They have joined the initiative, which means they have committed to promoting…  
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You can book climate-neutrally with «Cause We Care» with these companies: The following partners are implementing «Cause We Care» in the coming months:  
6. Principles  
«Cause We Care» is an initiative for climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism With «Cause We Care» , we are advocating sustainable Swiss tourism that is economically successful,…  
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Your Advantages Access to an attractive network Added value for your customers The campaign improves your image Specific sustainability instrument Integrated financing mechanism Offer…  
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«Cause We Care» Supporter The Initiative “Cause We Care” is supported by strong partners. Together we are driving forward climate protection in Switzerland. Innotour Innotour is a funding program…  
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Together for more climate protection. Who supports «Cause We Care» «Cause We Care» is an initiative of the Swiss climate foundation myclimate, which campaigns for effective climate protection in…  
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