«Cause We Care» is an initiative for climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism

With «Cause We Care» , we are advocating sustainable Swiss tourism that is economically successful, ensures nature and the environment remain intact and contributes to the well-being of guests, employees and the local population.

One of our main objectives is to help control climate change and preserve our ecological resources: Through our own actions and by raising awareness in a targeted manner.

We understand our impact as a process, and we are committed to it in the long term: The journey is the destination. We are taking this journey together – as companies and guests, and together with local players.

Our commitment:

With «Cause We Care», we assume responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions and anchor climate protection and sustainability firmly in our actions – globally and locally, today and tomorrow:

  • We support global climate protection projects to compensate for the unavoidable emissions we produce today.
  • So that we can be more efficient in the future, we are continually reducing our local ecological footprint through personal and corporate climate protection and sustainability measures.

United as private individuals and companies, we can effectuate climate protection and thereby make a contribution to a sustainable future.

Stay informed!