Tschuggen Hotel Group becomes climate pioneer

The Tschuggen Hotel Group is launching a collaboration with the myclimate foundation and is thus completely CO₂-neutral as of this year. In addition, the myclimate «Cause We Care» initiative will also sensitise guests to climate protection.

CO₂ Reductions are reduced and offset

Those responsible at the Tschuggen Hotel Group have already had the CO₂ emissions of the entire hotel group calculated for the first time in 2018. All areas - heating and cooling, energy consumption, business travel and employee mobility, food & beverages, materials and waste - were analysed and evaluated.

Numerous measures were then introduced to drastically minimise the annual CO₂ emissions, primarily in the optimisation and innovative modernisation of heating and energy systems. Several sustainability measures have been initiated; heat exchangers are used for ventilation and waste water, electricity from alpine hydroelectric power is used and kitchen waste goes to producers of biogas fuels. Employees are also being sensitised and a large number of small improvements are being implemented in order to take care of resources.

In order to offset its unavoidable CO₂ emissions, the Arosa-based hotel group has chosen a national and an international project from the myclimate portfolio. On a national level, the Tschuggen Hotel Group will use part of its offsetting amount for the renaturalisation of the upland moor in the Tourbières des Ponts-de-Martel nature reserve near Neuchâtel. Thanks to the climate protection project, the moor can be rewetted, which means that fewer greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. As a second myclimate project, the Tschuggen Hotel Group has chosen the Virunga Mountain Gorilla Project in the Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. There, the distribution and use of efficient cooking stoves sustainably protects the habitat of  mountain gorillas. With the offsetting in the above-mentioned projects, the Swiss hotel group is completely climate-neutral since 2019.

Guests are involved as well

As part of the myclimate «Cause We Care» initiative, guests also have the opportunity to actively participate in climate protection. They can now offset their arrival and departure. The offset funds also flow into the carbon offset project in Rwanda.

The Swiss hotel group thus proves that active climate protection is possible in the premium hotel industry.

Further information is available at: TSCHUGGEN HOTEL GROUP SUSTAINABILITY

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