Reka-Ferien is implementing the «Cause We Care» mechanism

Starting immediately, all customers at Reka-Ferien can volunteer to pay an additional 1% of the booking total for their next holiday at Reka-Ferien and contribute this money to climate protection.


Reka will then match the contribution and the entire sum is then credited to the company’s own fund. The money in the fund is dedicated to high-quality myclimate climate protection projects and is thus used to compensate for the CO₂ emissions associated with the booking. At the same time, however, climate protection and sustainability measures are being implemented at Reka’s locations.

We are proud that Reka-Ferien – a strong, credible and socially engaged partner – is participating in this project!

SDA press portal press release

Article in the htr hotel revue from 24 August 2017

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